Know Your Rights With Your Car Insurance Company

Car accidents can happen. People don’t want it to happen, but they do happen. If it does happen, the first thing that should be done is to see if the car has insurance. Normally it should, or else repairs and pay can be a pain. With that being said, most people think that once the car is insured, things will take care of itself if ever an accident happens. However, there is still much process that’s involved, and while money might not be an issue, the process can become a pain.


Know Your Rights

Know the rights involved then as a car insurance policy owner. Knowing those rights can make a difference. Some of those rights involved include basic things. One of those basic things is that the car owner has the right to the repair facility to be chosen. Usually insurance companies have repair shops that they have ties with, and these shops are the ones they will recommend to car owners. However, car owners also have the right to choose the shop they want. A car owner must be comfortable with the shop and how repairs would go.

Another right that car owners should know is that there is the right to choose the parts for the repair. This can be a tricky one, as not insurance policies are the same, and there could be limitations stated on the policy as to what is covered by it. There are also state laws that have to be considered. These are things that a car owner must bear in mind before having the car repaired after an accident. There is also the right to a safe and properly repaired vehicle. The car insurance company must make sure the car would be safe and repaired properly. Car owners sometimes make the mistake of trusting that the insurance company will take care of everything and see to it that the car has been repaired properly. However, car insurance companies have many clients, so it’s not always guaranteed that the car would be followed up while being repaired.

Do Not Misrepresent

Car insurance companies should not misrepresent car owners. That means that they are bound to the provisions as agreed upon in the policy. This is natural, since if car owners are bound by the policy, then insurance companies should abide with the policy that they have as well.

Another thing that insurance companies must abide is that they cannot withhold payment. As a policy owner, there is the right that any damages incurred must be paid or repaired by the insurance company. It must be in whole, and not just a portion of it. Along with that, car insurance companies should also process claims promptly. This is another right that car insurance owners have and should be known.

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Having an insurance is great. That would minimize expenses for the car owner, as the insurance company can shoulder the cost of the repairs. However, car owners must also know the rights they have with their car and the insurance policy that goes along with it. Knowing those rights can mean less headache for car owners, and can make the process much easier.

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