threat of nuclear weapons in north korea

Is North Korea Really a Threat?

For over half a century, North Korea has been under solid control of the state government.

The world has been witnessing the totalitarian regime of North Korea as being one of the most cautiously secretive, isolated and detached nations and yet, ironically, is blunt and blatant about its government’s excessive ambitions of amassment of nuclear weaponry.

Apart from these grand ambitions of amassment of nuclear weaponry, the totalitarian regime is also allegedly guilty of committing atrocities against its constituents. Human rights violations are reportedly rampant. Although these cases of human rights abuses are not making as much noise relative to other countries with similar regimes, there is plenty of evidence of human rights violations.

Thousand of North Korean citizens are held captive in deplorable prison facilities where torture is commonplace as are unrestrained executions.

This begs the question, is North Korea really a threat? How does the communist regime of North Korea pose a threat to the international community?

is north korea really a threat to the united states

The Constant Insinuations to War

North Korean communist leader Kim Jong-un’s hostile remarks against the perceived enemies of the totalitarian regime and constant aggressive allusions to inciting and provoking war have been well documented over the years.

Kim Jong-un’s hard-hitting verbal attacks and threats against the United States, South Korea and Japan have been quoted ad nauseum.

These verbal attacks and threats seem to be unceasing and even escalates time and again.

Every time South Korea elects a new Head of State, Kim Jong-un launches graver verbal attacks and threats. This pattern has been observed by international political analysts. Particularly when South Korea collectively decided in the elections to place a woman, Park Geun-hye, in its highest public office, the North Korean leader has said blatant misogynistic comments about Park Geun-hye.

The Threat of Amassment of Nuclear Weaponry in North Korea

Communist North Korea has had several successful nuclear weapons tests over the years which has alarmed the world, despite the attempts at peaceful negotiations and diplomatic efforts of the international humanitarian communities and governing bodies alongside other powerful countries.

These diplomatic efforts involved the pledge of aid in exchange for the North Korean government’s agreement of shutting down its nuclear reactor.

Apart from this apparent disrespect of the rule of international laws, there are also reports of even more clandestine nuclear weapon testing activities.

threat of nuclear weapons in north korea

The Neighboring Countries

South Korea has continuously been a subject of North Korea’s threats of attack.

In 2010, a South Korean war vessel was deliberately hit and severely damaged by a North Korean torpedo as the warship was said to have gone too close to the maritime border between the two countries. This maritime border has long been a subject of contention between the two governments.

The North Korean government is never hesitant in its threats to smaller countries that are known allies of the United States.

The threat of North Korea is real. It is not to be discounted or shrugged off. Not one state should be complacent about the truth in the existence of North Korean threat.