Know Your Rights With Your Car Insurance Company

Car accidents can happen. People don’t want it to happen, but they do happen. If it does happen, the first thing that should be done is to see if the car has insurance. Normally it should, or else repairs and pay can be a pain. With that being said, most people think that once the car is insured, things will take care of itself if ever an accident happens. However, there is still much process that’s involved, and while money might not be an issue, the process can become a pain.


Know Your Rights

Know the rights involved then as a car insurance policy owner. Knowing those rights can make a difference. Some of those rights involved include basic things. One of those basic things is that the car owner has the right to the repair facility to be chosen. Usually insurance companies have repair shops that they have ties with, and these shops are the ones they will recommend to car owners. However, car owners also have the right to choose the shop they want. A car owner must be comfortable with the shop and how repairs would go.

Another right that car owners should know is that there is the right to choose the parts for the repair. This can be a tricky one, as not insurance policies are the same, and there could be limitations stated on the policy as to what is covered by it. There are also state laws that have to be considered. These are things that a car owner must bear in mind before having the car repaired after an accident. There is also the right to a safe and properly repaired vehicle. The car insurance company must make sure the car would be safe and repaired properly. Car owners sometimes make the mistake of trusting that the insurance company will take care of everything and see to it that the car has been repaired properly. However, car insurance companies have many clients, so it’s not always guaranteed that the car would be followed up while being repaired.

Do Not Misrepresent

Car insurance companies should not misrepresent car owners. That means that they are bound to the provisions as agreed upon in the policy. This is natural, since if car owners are bound by the policy, then insurance companies should abide with the policy that they have as well.

Another thing that insurance companies must abide is that they cannot withhold payment. As a policy owner, there is the right that any damages incurred must be paid or repaired by the insurance company. It must be in whole, and not just a portion of it. Along with that, car insurance companies should also process claims promptly. This is another right that car insurance owners have and should be known.

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Having an insurance is great. That would minimize expenses for the car owner, as the insurance company can shoulder the cost of the repairs. However, car owners must also know the rights they have with their car and the insurance policy that goes along with it. Knowing those rights can mean less headache for car owners, and can make the process much easier.

The Law of Interpretation

The law of interpretation is also known as statutory interpretation. In general, the law of interpretation or statutory interpretation is a way that a court uses to reveal the meaning of a written legislation. The Statute refers to a law that is passed by the authoritative people.  Salmond defines the law of interpretation as “Interpretation or the construction is the process by which the courts seek to ascertain the meaning of legislation through the medium of the authoritative form in which it is expressed.”  Hence, interpretation of law is of paramount importance because you should be able for grammatical interpretational and functional interpretation.

There are different kinds of interpretations that are used a rule by the courts. Let’s discuss these rules in detail:

Grammatical Interpretation

It is implied that judges are not authorized to amend, add or delete the letters from the written law. Judges cannot claim to add or delete the words to make the law better. The letters should remain the same as the law was passed. Judges and interpreters should follow the language strictly that is written in the law. The courts must have to interpret the law as the legislation has spoken.

Functional/Logical Interpretation

Functional and logical interpretation is also very important. Sometimes, there is a contradiction in the law. For example, one section says something and the other section opposes it. In such kind of situation, functional and logical interpretation is applied. A statute may have an ambiguity or a defect in the legislation. Hence, Judges and courts refer to the logical interpretation of the former decisions as a precedent.

The Literal Interpretation

The literal rule of interpretation refers to the truth. The courts look for the literal meaning of the words, and they do not focus on whether this interpretation is sensible or not. Sometimes, an ordinary man claims that a court decision is not sensible. However, the court is bound to make the decision regardless whether it is logical or not.

One should make it clear that literal rule is a definite rule of interpretation and judges have been using this rule for over 100 years. If you need a law firm that does this well you should check out Neale & Newman, LLC as they are one of the top law firm in Springfield, MO and really specialize in Springfield, MO real estate law

The Golden Interpretation

Golden interpretation is an exception to the literal interpretation. Yes, most judgments come on the basis of the literal interpretations. Nevertheless, sometimes, the literal interpretations contradict with the interests of the Parliament or the state. Therefore, in such case, judges can apply the golden interpretation where the meaning and sense of the literal rule can be modified.

Golden interpretation is very rare, and it is needed once in a blue moon. The reason is that laws have been passed very long ago and the latest matters of the state are different from that era.

The Mischief Interpretation

The last weapon for the judges and courts is the mischief interpretation. In this kind of interpretation, the judge attempts to reveal the intention of the legislator behind the legislation. Judge diagnosis the defect in the statute and picks a remedy for it. The Judge thinks which ruling will implement the remedy.  Mischief interpretation is very rare, and it is applied only in case of a defect in the law.

All in all, the law of interpretation is a method that is used by the courts to reveal the interpretation of the law. There are different kinds of rules that are followed by the courts to interpret the statutory orders to implement them in a true spirit.


Tips on hiring the best legal representation

How To Find A Lawyer To Fulfill All Of Your Legal Needs
It’s not difficult, with the use of online resources, to find B.J. Robichaud an attorney specializing in immigration and workers compensation law to represent you. You should have a simple with no stress time looking for one. In order to have a hassle-free search, it’s suggested that you follow our guidelines.
Don’t be surprised to find that your general practice lawyer is handling multiple cases, not only yours. Regardless of which case they received first, they must spend the time required to work on your case. Devotion of enough time on your case is extremely important and you should remind your legal consultant this. Online client reviews can help you select a general practice lawyer with a reputation for being conscientious and providing superior client service.
Your general practice lawyer will need to interview you and find out every detail they can. Do not mind about excessive questioning because the more a legal consultant knows about you, the better you will probably be represented in the courtroom. A tremendous amount of research goes into winning a legal case, including online and library research as well as client interviews. If your legal consultant appears to be disinterested in your legal case and asks just a few meaningless questions, find a new one immediately.
The quality of services you expect from an attorney through verbal guarantee is a good beginning but first you should verify it before accepting it. Have your attorney verify quality claims before you commit to working together. When it’s about making an educated decision, carefully examine all the information possible and gather all the relevant facts that can assist you. Client reviews are essential sources of useful information, as well as possible complaints that could show up in newspaper content.
When you are researching general practice lawyers to represent you, it’s imperative that you organize a face to face interview with each of them, before you make a decision to work with one. Consider how effectively they listen to you and answer your questions, what kind of questions they ask you and what kind of information they give you about your situation, and also whether they maintain eye contact with you. This can ensure you they’re fully interested in helping you with your legal case. In fact, you should choose the legal consultant who seemed the most interested in your legal case from all the general practice lawyers that you interview.
General practice attorneys are human and occasionally make blunders. After making a mistake, great legal consultants always learn from them. Even the best legal consultants are not perfect when it comes to their work or home life. If your general practice lawyer fumbles, they are going to own up to it if they really are a high quality general practice lawyer, and move on with your legal case.

Why Aren’t There War Crimes Charged in Syria?

It started with anti-government protests which turned into a civil war. Half a million Syrians have been affected by this tragedy. More than millions were forced to leave their homes due to the conflicts of the loyalists and opposition.

What happened on March 2011 changed the faith of Syria. Pro-democratic protests were started when teenagers were arrested and tortured when they painted revolutionary slogans on school walls, this triggered protest to evict the President from his office. When the opposition supporters started to uprise, a civil war was already onset.

The United Nations said that in June 2013, 90,000 people were killed, which rose to 250,000 in August 2015, cited by activists and the UN.

The small protest turned into a bigger battle which included regional as well as world powers. It also triggered the creation of jihadist group Islamic State (IS) to further aggravate the problem.

The people all over the world have witnessed the terrifying consequences of the war, from television news, up to the short clips found on various social media sites. People only have one thing in mind, “Why aren’t there war crimes charged in Syria?”

Several allegations were being charged to the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and there are a lot of clips and pieces of evidence to charge him and his commanders with war crimes – but why weren’t they charged yet?

The United Nations Security Council has urged the international community to act now. Crimes in Syria are worsening, especially when foreign fighters step in. The conflict becomes more militarized due to the presence of high-grade weapons.

Several world leaders have also called on the public to help Syria, stating that we must turn back on crimes and face justice for the lives that were taken.

One way to settle the dispute is turning to the International Crime Court in the United Nations. Unfortunately, Assad is protected by the international law, because Syria is not a state party to the ICC; therefore, the prosecutors do not have the right to judge or preside hearings committed in the country.  An ICC trial could heighten his cause more, as we saw the case of Moammar Gadhafi, where people are more determined to fight to the death when they put him on trial; especially they know that they, too, would be brought to jail.

If he is to be charged, Assad is not afraid of a trial, because it isn’t his “first concern.” He knows that if he turns his back on this problem, even for a section, he will lose the struggle. He knows that he might face international charges someday, but he will not be scared and must continue to defend his belief.

We will just keep monitoring actions in Syria, documenting every tragedy and intercepting military communication, and possibly interrupting his vengeful rampage. We hope when the time comes that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his senior commanders be put to trial, we have dozens of evidence that will put them straight to jail.

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You can always read more about healthcare provider errors with a simple search of the internet. If you are looking for specific information and feel that you may have a case to take to court you should seek the legal advice of an attorney as most offer free consultations.

threat of nuclear weapons in north korea

Is North Korea Really a Threat?

For over half a century, North Korea has been under solid control of the state government.

The world has been witnessing the totalitarian regime of North Korea as being one of the most cautiously secretive, isolated and detached nations and yet, ironically, is blunt and blatant about its government’s excessive ambitions of amassment of nuclear weaponry.

Apart from these grand ambitions of amassment of nuclear weaponry, the totalitarian regime is also allegedly guilty of committing atrocities against its constituents. Human rights violations are reportedly rampant. Although these cases of human rights abuses are not making as much noise relative to other countries with similar regimes, there is plenty of evidence of human rights violations.

Thousand of North Korean citizens are held captive in deplorable prison facilities where torture is commonplace as are unrestrained executions.

This begs the question, is North Korea really a threat? How does the communist regime of North Korea pose a threat to the international community?

is north korea really a threat to the united states

The Constant Insinuations to War

North Korean communist leader Kim Jong-un’s hostile remarks against the perceived enemies of the totalitarian regime and constant aggressive allusions to inciting and provoking war have been well documented over the years.

Kim Jong-un’s hard-hitting verbal attacks and threats against the United States, South Korea and Japan have been quoted ad nauseum.

These verbal attacks and threats seem to be unceasing and even escalates time and again.

Every time South Korea elects a new Head of State, Kim Jong-un launches graver verbal attacks and threats. This pattern has been observed by international political analysts. Particularly when South Korea collectively decided in the elections to place a woman, Park Geun-hye, in its highest public office, the North Korean leader has said blatant misogynistic comments about Park Geun-hye.

The Threat of Amassment of Nuclear Weaponry in North Korea

Communist North Korea has had several successful nuclear weapons tests over the years which has alarmed the world, despite the attempts at peaceful negotiations and diplomatic efforts of the international humanitarian communities and governing bodies alongside other powerful countries.

These diplomatic efforts involved the pledge of aid in exchange for the North Korean government’s agreement of shutting down its nuclear reactor.

Apart from this apparent disrespect of the rule of international laws, there are also reports of even more clandestine nuclear weapon testing activities.

threat of nuclear weapons in north korea

The Neighboring Countries

South Korea has continuously been a subject of North Korea’s threats of attack.

In 2010, a South Korean war vessel was deliberately hit and severely damaged by a North Korean torpedo as the warship was said to have gone too close to the maritime border between the two countries. This maritime border has long been a subject of contention between the two governments.

The North Korean government is never hesitant in its threats to smaller countries that are known allies of the United States.

The threat of North Korea is real. It is not to be discounted or shrugged off. Not one state should be complacent about the truth in the existence of North Korean threat.

fatal chemical attacks will make assad held accountable for syria attack

Is Assad a War Criminal?

In the nearly two decades Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has been in power, he has long been linked to atrocities in his country.

In the past six years, the Syrian president’s regime has ruled during an extremely brutal and violent civil war, which doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon. Assad has been consistently accused of alarmingly barbaric actions which has drawn attention and condemnation on a global scale.

You may ask, is Assad a war criminal?

is assad a war criminal

What Is a War Criminal?

What exactly is the definition of a war criminal? What makes an individual in power guilty of being a war criminal?

A war criminal is a violator of the laws of war, created by NATO and its member nations, which is a significant part of international law that enumerates legal justifications of declaration and engagement in wars of an individual or of a sovereign state.

A war criminal deliberately orders massacres, bombings and uses torture of innocent civilians and prisoners of war. He intentionally inflicts destruction to properties to excessive degrees. A war criminal condones and perpetuates rampant pillage of communities, rape of women, child abuse and exploitation in that he uses these children as foot soldiers.

Basically, a war criminal is an offender of the laws of the state and the international human rights laws. In this sense, he is a betrayer of his own country just as much as he commits treachery against the international community. A war criminal masquerades and justifies his atrocities and aggressions as actions performed to restore discipline amongst his country’s constituents for the common good.

This is the typical makeup of a war criminal. This definition again calls to mind the question, is Assad a war criminal?

These are the most infamous atrocities and blatant inhumane treatments committed against the Syrian people which are directly associated with the commands of Assad.

Rife Repression Through Deprivation of Sustenance to the Syrian People

Particularly in rebel-held areas in Syria, which is in point of fact a very large part of the country, Syrian armed forces have been depriving the residents of basic needs such as food, water and medicines. They organize complete obstruction of any sustenance to reach these starving and ailing Syrian residents. Their military forces participate in bombing and murdering humanitarian aid workers sent to help the military hostages.

Deliberate Destruction of Communities and Cities

While many Syrian nationals have made international headlines for having escaped their ruinous country, millions of their countrymen remain in Syria and continue to be kept from their homes which military forces have inflicted excessive damage, all at the behest of Syrian President Assad.

Rampant Torture of Revolutionaries

Torture of revolutionaries, young and old, has been reportedly going on since the civil war began in 2011.

Those who have endured to survive the torture are held prisoner, and have been captured and kept in despicable conditions.

fatal chemical attacks will make assad held accountable for syria attack

Massacre by Fatal Chemical Attacks

Syrian President Assad allegedly stashes and continues to amass chemical weapons which he has reportedly used against his own people on numerous occasions.

His loyal military forces utilize chlorine gas to launch wide scale attacks in various Syrian communities resulting in a disturbing number of casualties.

Evidence continues to pile up as reports by international governing bodies, such as the United Nations Human Rights Council, has accused President Assad of ordering these chemical attacks.

Having ordered these atrocities and large scale criminal actions against his own citizens, is Assad a war criminal?

Logically, by definition, Syrian President Assad bears all features that make up an out-and-out war criminal.

If he is …

If he is to be charged, Assad is not afraid of a trial, because it isn’t his “first concern.” He knows that if he turns his back on this problem, even for a section, he will lose the struggle. He knows that he might face international charges someday, but he will not be scared and must continue to defend his belief.